The nice things
people say…

Nigel is an amazing psychic. He is extremely knowledgeable and somehow manages to explain things so clearly and with a wicked sense of humour. I have learnt so much in the last few weeks, from psychrometry, sand, candle and past- life readings, in addition to chakra cleansing and balancing.


Seeing Nigel “work his magic” is just amazing, ive seen first hand how he helps many people with the messages he gives,always with his fun and at ease character. I know that when Nigel is doing a public demonstration the room is always full up as people have got to know his name and they know, not only will they get fantastic, accurate readings, they will also leave smiling.

Mandy Bussley

I was just about to relax and put my picture away in my bag when I heard Nigel say – I have man who is asking me to sing an Elvis song!! My heart jumped. My Dad had been an Elvis impersonator. Trying to keep calm and cool I didn’t want to give any signs, Nigel pointed in my direction. He said that he had a Dad/Grandad, who liked a cigarette and even named the brand! He told me that Dad had passed and it was the right time for him and he was tired and is at peace. This is the main comfort as my Dad died suddenly and very young. Nigel then said that it would have been his birthday and he thanked me for recognising it would have been. Now I didn’t grow up in Sussex so not even my friends would have known my Dad. I feel at peace and can finally let dad go Thank you Nigel.

Emma Lane

Nigel is a gifted and talented spiritualist medium whose talents are appreciated. His style of mediumship gives everyone a sense of happiness and laughter, whilst giving people clarity in the messages he is able to give them. He is a very sincere person whose only aim in life is to provide happiness and contentment to others. His gifts are very special.

Sue Moore

Nigel did not know me, or anything about me, yet he brought through two members of my family; my mum and my uncle. Uncannily, he also called me by my nick-name which would not make sense to anyone except me. I remember Nigel looking at me quizzically and asking what it meant and I clarified that it was a nick-name. You could hear the gasps in the audience! He correctly described my mum and the way she passed and gave me a very comforting message using language that my mum used. I’ve been to three further evenings where Nigel has been the guest and at all times he seems to hit the ground running with incredibly accurate messages. He’s also really funny, engaging and compassionate so it’s always a joy when I see he’s the guest medium.


The reason for my email is to say a HUGE thank you. As you are well aware I have had a fear of flying for quite sometime and it got to a point where it would ruin any holiday I went on as I would be dreading the flight going there and back. When 1 had my appointment with you I was a bit dubious as to whether you would be able to cure me as I didn’t really believe that it would be possible. I am so glad now that spent an hour with you because you have honestly changed my life. As you know I came to see you because I was going on my honeymoon and of all the places we could choose to go, we decided to go to Las Vegas which is only a 12 hour flight. Prior to seeing you I was absolutely petrified of going on a plane however I didn’t want to let my fear get in the way of my happiness. To my surprise it was the best experience on a plane I have ever had. I didn’t feel afraid or anxious at all in fact I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to get on the plane. Towards the end of my honeymoon I was sad to go but I wasn’t bothered at all about the long plane journey I had ahead of me. This has made such a difference to my life and with thanks to you I can now confidently get on a plane without a worry.

Kylea Reed

Thank you so much for my reading about my dad passing away. It really meant something as I have been waiting for ages and it finally came. You were amazing, thank you.

Leigh-Ann Hood

If your thinking of having a reading done, I highly recommend Nigel Gaff…a lot of reassuring and positive messages came through.

Vanessa Leigh Huckstepp